Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Download: A Sunny Day In Glasgow -- "The Best Summer Ever"

Download: A Sunny Day In Glasgow -- "C'mon"

When I first heard A Sunny Day In Glasgow (ASDIG), I honestly wondered if the file I was listening to was playing at the proper speed. The guitar sounds were so bent, the tuning and timing so odd to me, and the vocals so thoroughly washed out by effects that they seemed more like the voices of some otherworldly creatures than humans. My initial confusion was a welcome reaction; it's always nice to be surprised and challenged by music, and this band certainly does both of those things well. I've since started to find my footing with the band, and have begun to more fully enjoy their brand of pop.

There's a lot of shoegazer in their sound, which has garnered a number of comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, but the more I listen to ASDIG the more I get excited about the fact that the shoegazer tag does not entirely fit. One of the things that always jumped out at me about the classic shoegazer bands was how immediately comfortable I was in those songs; it was the aural equivalent of being suspended in some type of warm, protecting body of water. ASDIG's songs on the other hand, are a bit more disorienting and disconcerting - at first. It's tough to get your bearings in their drenched, and at times rather caustic songs. The songs shock me out of my all too often complacent style of office listening, demanding more rigorous participation from me in the process. Tough to classify, and all the better off for it as a band, A Sunny Day In Glasgow has been a pleasant companion for me over the last month or so.

With champions in all the right places, and an upcoming national tour with My Teenage Stride, which will hopefully include Athens, they seem poised to reach a broader audience. At least, here's hoping! You can order their new LP, Scribble Mural Comic Journal, from their label Notenuf Records now.


Niles said...

great stuff, Clermont! Thanks for the heads up on My Teenage Stride, too. I have a feeling I'm definitely going to want to check that tour out.

keep on rockin,
Niles Baranowski (of KWUR a long time ago...)

Jon said...

thanks for the comment Niles. we'll be sure to put up that tour info as soon as we have it

Dipesh said...

Nice descriptions off the music and the band.

Check out their album " Wake up pretty" and " No 6 Von karman street" are the best opening songs to an album i have heard in a long time .

This band is awesome, makes a change to the standard drivel off screamo / chug guitars that myspace / industry is producing at the moment.

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