Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tin Cup Prophette (also available in the lowered case)

Download: tin cup prophette—“Going Numb”
Download: tin cup prophette—“Speak or Spill Down”

I met Amanda Kapousouz (AKA Tin Cup Prophette) when I moonlighted at Vision Video (in addition to this job) a few years ago. I really liked her and her husband, Bain Mattox, because they laughed at my bad jokes, which you really shouldn't hold against them. Amanda told me she was a musician, and I asked her what bands (it's Athens, so it's a plural question) she was in, and she said she just played here and there. I had no idea she played with people like Jim White, Shannon Wright, the Low Lows, etc. She was very modest about her talent and her songwriting ability. A few weeks later, she dropped off a CDR in a cute handmade package (pink poster pen ink) with "Tin Cup Prophette" written at the top in perfect script. It took me a few weeks to listen to it (honestly, there are a lot of bands in Athens of varying quality, and I'm always a little skeptical), but I was completely blown away. This wasn't the work of someone who had just started "fooling around" with her own songs, as Amanda put it. It was the work of someone who'd had a distinct vision of what they wanted with their music and had achieved it in their first attempt. It kinda pissed me off, really, as I'd been croaking into a four track for six years with...limited results.

But, I've learned to stop being mad at Amanda for her abundance of talent and good humor and looks and--starting to get pissed off again--great album. She's one of Athens' most enchanting performers. She and stalwart compatriot Jeremy Wheatley (also of Je Suis France and the Low Lows) on drums can whip up more sound between the two of them than bands with three guitarists can manage. It's dark minimalism, perfectly arranged for maximum impact. The fact that Tin Cup Prophette is playing at Bonnaroo (!) is no surprise to me...she did some dates with Jeff Tweedy and apparently blew audiences away. Liar and the Thief, her debut LP, reminds me of a lot of different things: there's Melting Face-era Peter Gabriel in there, there's Portishead, there's even fellow violin-loopers Andrew Bird and Final Fantasy (though that's probably more methodological than anything). It's the work of a true artist, and I'm very excited to finally be working with her!

Did I mention she was playing Bonnaroo!?!

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Matthew said...

She is really good. A bit standard indie-poppy at first, but always seems to rescue it with some quality instrumentation. I like.