Friday, May 11, 2007

Paul Duncan -- "The Lake Pt. 2"

I have recently become obsessed with the latest Paul Duncan release. The obsession began because "Above The Trees" was the only CD in my car for several days. I put it in, and over the course of two or three days I listened to the record 5 or 6 times.

Then I discovered that Paul Duncan was born in East Texas, which is where I was raised. Now, I'm not sure how long Paul lived in that area, but upon each listen, it feels as though the album is a tribute to that little slice of the state. When I close my eyes while listening to "The Lake Pt. 2", I can actually picture Ratcliff Lake, located in the Davy Crockett National Forest. That might be partially due to the cover art, featuring a glimpse through a dark forest of a young male deer standing a lake. I grew up in Ratcliff, where my parents owned a bait shop/feed store/meat locker/general store, which we lived on top of. "The Fire" references Mineola, a small town north of Tyler, TX. Duncan's vocals will definitely remind many of Will Oldham, and the record in general possesses that "front porch" mood that would make sense to those that have lived in towns with one blinking traffic light.

So, I'd like to thank Paul, for not only making a contemplative record filled with pedal steel, cello, violin, clarinets, trumpets, and synths. Thank you for somehow capturing the essence of the Pineywoods, and for a moment, making me feel like I'm back home.

If you want to see Paul Duncan soon, though, you're going to have to go to New York.

Jun 2 2007,
Dam Stuhltrarger Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 12 2007, Pianos (Upstairs) @ 8 PM, New York, NY

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