Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A tribute to Ryan Todd.

Today, one my phone conversations turned to the topic of humorous names. At my previous job, at a large food and beverage company, I worked in the information security division. That meant that I was constantly creating and denying access for users across the entire system. Users in the US, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, China, and dozens of other countries. During that time, my friend and co-worker, Ryan Todd, and I would encounter dozens of hilarious names. Ryan and I sat next to each other, so it was easy to share these names. Eventually, we decided that these names needed to be documented for posterity. I present you with "Great Names in History (current as of 5/15/07)":

Christos Pagagiannopoulos
Vangelis Fragkiadakis
Vasiliki Giannakopoulos
Lik N. Wong
Young Bang
Dongdong Zhang
Thiag Mannargudi
Pillalamari Yedukondalu
Amarinder Bhangoo-Acosta
Rufus Fontaine Sparrow
Boungnong Khoomongkhoon
Manimaran Gunasekaran
Venkata Bondada
Check Koon Yea
Gino Legacy
Kanchan Ghoshdastidar
Mohammad Haghighipodeh
Richard Laboissonniere
Boonsorn Soonthornnumwong
Ruangprai Asavathaweechoke
Nuttaporn Suksomboong
Dhanutchapor Meadhapithakwong
Rajesh Kunjukrishna Pillai Saraswathy Amma
Chittaramjan Katragadda
She'Wanca Moore
Vorawan Phianlikhitwong
Boonsom Soonthornnumwong
Jerry Chittillapilly
Billy Hohenshit
Pearly Phoon

I know you laughed at Rufus Fontaine Sparrow.

Also, after sending me "Great Names in History" today, Ryan followed up by sending this amazing video, appropriately enough with the subject line "Don't let your kids walk into a breakdance circle." Enjoy:

Ryan, thank you for bringing so much joy into my heart today. Here is another fabulous picture of Ryan.

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