Thursday, May 03, 2007

Utah Carol!

Photo by Hayley Murphy

Download: Utah Carol—“Come Back Baby” MP3
Download: Utah Carol—“Ruby” MP3

I live in a front porch sorta town. A lot of my friends have front porches. I've consumed a lot of beer on front porches (back ones, too), and I even wrote a pretty decent song on a front porch the other day. I've always lived in sleepy Southern college towns filled with Victorian houses whose rent is way cheaper than it should be. I enjoy living in the South, you know, besides the seething-under-the-surface racism, poor dental care, and scary gas stations. I like the schedule. I like not having to worry about what I wear–temperature-wise–for about, say, 8 months of the year. It's great.

So why is my official Front Porch Record of the Year from a duo in Chicago? Beats the heck out of me, but Utah Carol have put out a perfect breezy indie-folk record that's remarkably bucolic for some big city folks. In fact, Rodeo Queen retains the gently strummed, lightly twangy sound of the band's namesake (a classic Marty Robbins song). It all floats lightly on top of married duo JinJa Davis and Grant Birkenbuel's airy harmonies and tight, lucid songs.

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