Friday, June 01, 2007


Download: LEYODE—“Irene”
Download: LEYODE—“Isabelle”

Former Atlantians (that's not the term, is it?) and Athenians LEYODE are about to release their first album, fascinating tininess..., and it's a real winner. Though the band has relocated to NYC (and who hasn't?) from the South, they still have a wonderfully serene, placid (in a good way) vibe to them. This is warm stuff...lush, cinematic, electric pop music with a heavy dose of chanteuse-ism (I know, I know) that manages to avoid posturing and just delivers the goods. It's not really much of a surprise that this comes from G. Scott Herren's Eastern Developments label, and even less of a surprise that Prefuse himself makes an appearance in his Savath and Savalas incarnation. It's easy to see why he was attracted to LEYODE: great arrangements (mastermind Yusuke is trained on the violin and piano), solid beats, and an underlying, often sneaky sense of pop smarts pervade the project.

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RawSteel said...

This is truely good stuff. I love a good picture to go along with good sound. Well played. I hope the transfer serves them their platter.