Thursday, June 14, 2007


Download: Schooner--"There's Enough To Do"
Download: Schooner--"They Always Do!"

Another fantastic band from the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area (can you guys just admit they're the same town?), Schooner trucks in...well, this band is actually all over the map in the best possible way. World-weary drunken sing-a-longs? Check! Smiths-esque crooning? Check. Old school indie rock? Oh yeah! And they tackle it all with such aplomb that it kind of pisses off the musician in me. I hate them. But that doesn't mean you should! These two tracks are just scratching the surface. We hear GBV in there, along with Red House Painters, the Silver Jews...all kinds of stuff. It's so refreshing to hear a band that's diverse and still sounds like the same band, you know? I hope you enjoy Schooner as much as I do!

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