Monday, June 04, 2007

Songs I taped off the radio: Animotion's "Room To Move"

The lesser-known and inferior follow-up to "Obsession," I taped this song off either Casey Kasem's show or Shadoe Stevens back in the day ('86? '87?). The tape is long gone, but I remember listening to this one a lot when my dad bought me a Walkman about 2 years after every one of my friends had one (we had a dual cassette player AFTER we had a CD player!). I think I liked the chord progression in the chorus. Hell, I don't know. This was a big hit to me. I had the weirdest (as in Not Good Weird) music taste as a kid. I also really liked Miami Sound Machine.

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Detlef said...

THANKS for that. I hadn't heard this song since it came out. You're right--it's the chords in the chorus.

To me that was way better than "Obsession."