Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Art in Manila sets the woods on fire!

Download: Art in Manila--"Set the Woods On Fire"
Download: Art in Manila--"The Abomination"

How's that for a really lame news story title? I totally incorporated the name of the band's album into it and everything! I'm like a real blogger now! Breathless no punctuation portion to follow:

Anyway Art in Manila is the new project from Orenda Fink who was in the Azure Ray duh and yes they are a band now with a bunch of awesome Saddle Creek types and yes Adrianne from the Anniversary is in it playing keyboards and singing backup and of course it's totally amazing.


At times, Art in Manila travels the lush path set forth by her previous work, however, here it’s subsumed with edge and backbone. The band flirts playfully with genre wanderlust without ever abandoning cohesion. Moody slow-burners follow four-to-the-floor rockers, which butt up against serene ballads. And it all works. Orenda and company have deviated from their collective musical pasts without forsaking it... and have conjured a powerful debut record in the process. "Set the Woods On Fire" is fairly indicative of the rockers, but there is a lot of diversity here. Outstanding mellower track, "The Abomination", proves that.


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