Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As many of you may know, Bottom of the Hudson was involved in a tragic and fatal van accident that left bassist Trevor Butler dead and drummer Greg Lytle in intensive care in Chapel Hill. The band has made its home on Absolutely Kosher Records for many years, and label owner Cory Brown has issued the following statement:

"Philadelphia/Brooklyn band Bottom of the Hudson suffered a serious van wreck on Sunday, July 29th, while returning home after the final date of a short East Coast tour to promote their new album, Fantastic Hawk, released just two weeks ago on July 17. While on I-40 near Clinton, NC, a tire blew out sending the van out of control and flipping it multiple times. Bassist Trevor Butler was killed in the accident and drummer Greg Lytle is currently in ICU in Chapel Hill, NC. The other members of the band, Eli Simon, Michael Prince and William Chesterton Chambers, suffered minor injuries and were released from the hospital.
We didn't have an opportunity to get to know Trevor Butler as well as we would have liked, but he was a great guy and a great musician. He was instrumental in the evolution of the band's sound over the years. In addition to playing in Bottom of the Hudson for the last several years, Trevor also was a founding member in fellow-Philadelphia group Coyote. He was utterly devoted to music and helped many, many bands set-up shows in Philadelphia. We are devastated by his loss and he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the band and their families. Thanks to everyone who has sent condolences and well-wishes.

We are currently accepting donations via Paypal (the address is both@absolutelykosher.com) on behalf of Trevor's family and for Greg's medical bills resulting from the accident. A benefit show is being discussed, but we're all still reeling from this tragedy. We will update our home page as news of Greg's condition and progress on further fundraisers comes in. Your generosity in this difficult time is appreciated.

Cory Brown and everyone at Absolutely Kosher Records

We here at Team Clermont echo Cory's statements. Bottom of the Hudson played our Summer Festival last Thursday here in Athens, and we really enjoyed meeting those guys in person, including Trevor and Greg, who joined the band a week or two before the tour began. It was a great show, by the way.

I talked to guitarist Michael Prince earlier, and he was devastated as one might imagine. He said that the band was heading to Chapel Hill after cleaning out the van and gathering their gear. Greg's condition has stabilized, though he is still in intensive care at the UNC hospital's trauma center. Michael was cautiously optimistic.

Check back at www.absolutelykosher.com or www.philebrity.com for updates on Greg, the band, and information on memorial services for Trevor.

Our thoughts go out to Greg, Trevor's family, Eli, Michael, and William.

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Matthew said...

Send them our best, lads. I was enjoying their stuff you sent out at almost the exact time I opened your email with this news.