Thursday, July 05, 2007

Black Before Red

Download: Black Before Red -- "Underneath Gold"
Download: Black Before Red -- "Teenage America"

It's the the pressure to hyperlink, that's my new theory as to why we here at The 'Cropper don't do more posting. I know you're thinking that it's more likely that we're overworked or that we're afraid to try our hand at providing cogent analysis of the music we're posting, but I promise you it's much more about my fear of having to dig up a link for Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, The Donkeys, Man Man, My Teenage Stride, and A Sunny Day In Glasgow as I regale you with tails of last week's shows and after show sleeping bags. Again, I anticipate you're thought process reader, "J0n, if you'd stop rambling on senselessly about things you did last week you wouldn't need to worry as much about hyperlinking." Too true, too true. I'll move on soon. For now, we're back! And, while it might do for certain fancy New York music critics -that shall remain unlinked here- to go for almost a month without posting, it certainly won't be allowed for such bloodless, soul sucking pr flaks as those of us here at the 'Cropper. And with that, we bring you Black Before Red.

BBR is out of Austin, Texas. Their LP, Belgrave To Kings Circle, is going to be on the streets as of August 14th. Austin's, I Eat Records, a Texas label with more Athens connections than I care to bore you with, will be handling the release.

Hopefully, you've jammed the tunes above before/as you're reading this, so you won't have to rely on my word to know that Black Before Red are laying down some fantastic Summer tunes. Their easy, breazey songs of the Prekop/Prewitt persuasion, particularly "Underneath Gold", have a sound that I'd dare call a touch romantically nostalgic. I've always operated under the assumption that the mid-90s were something of a golden era for indie rock, a time when you didn't have to be embarrassed to say that you liked it. Lately I've come to find out that this isn't a view that's universally shared, and probably has a lot more to do with me having been in my late teens/early twenties around that time. One way or the other, "Underneath Gold" whisks me back to those days in the best way.

"Teenage America"? Pardon my french, but this song is a god damn jam. Roll down the windows and turn this joker up when you're driving around works. Cliched activity? Maybe, but it's good, really good with this song, so is beer (though not at the same time as the driving). I'm for it!


Marc Hogan said...

I'm not fancy, just lazy!

j0np0lk said...

Ha! I was actually thinking about Riff Market, but you'll do too. Marriage is no excuse.