Friday, July 27, 2007

Tonight's The Night!

Download: Summer Hymns -- "Start Swimming"
Download: Alina Simone -- "Black Water"

Friday, July 27th—Caledonia Lounge (Happy Hour show), Athens, GA—Free
Go There Now!

Summer Hymns. Zachary Gresham’s long-running project Summer Hymns just released what might be its finest album ever, 2006’s Backward Masks, a cohesing of the band’s experimental and traditional elements. Summer Hymns’ songs are bittersweet and frequently lovely, but they come imbued with a shocking and caustic wit, which often translates to the band’s free-flowing live performances.

The Folk Yous. Athens’ favorite glam-folk troubadours have recently added Jesse Flavin (The Good Ship, Phosphorescent) to the lineup. Expect bittersweet and wistful folk versions of your favorite rock anthems from the 70s and 80s. You’ve never heard Asia or REO Speedwagon until you’ve heard it played on a baritone ukulele.

Alina Simone. Possessed of a powerful voice and cutting songwriting skills, Ukrainian-born Alina Simone is touring behind her debut LP, Placelessness, which has drawn fawning comparisons to early Cat Power, PJ Harvey, and Sleater-Kinney in the New York press.

Friday, July 27th—40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
Doors Open At 9pm, First Band At 10, Cheap Beer Early!

Download: The Castanets -- "A Song Is Not The Song"
Download: Phosphorescent -- "I Am A Full Grown Man (I Will Lay In The Grass All Day)"
Download: Arizona -- "Thimble"
Download: A Northern Chorus "Skeleton Keys"

Cinemechanica. One of Athens, GA’s most intense live acts, Cinemechanica has also found national acclaim for last year’s The Martial Arts, which served notice that so-called “math rock” bands can make compelling, diverse albums that capture the spirit of their live shows. Now expanded into an astounding two drummer lineup, Cinemechanica never fails to deliver a mind-bending live experience, complete with twists, turns, and buckets and buckets of filthy riffs.

Castanets. Castanets is American music drowned then reborn clear-eyed and wet with sea spray. Castanets is murderous nights and the 10 west sunset and crying gulls. Castanets is Raymond Raposa. Castanets is Raymond Raposa alone, walking through the dark and crowded dancefloor, singing bare voiced (rangy, high, cracked and real) with acoustic guitar. Castanets is a four-piece or a five-piece, six-piece, seven-piece, all-of-us-everywhere-piece stomping out electric tombstone chants or something that sounds like Pink Floyd with more heart. Castanets is delta heart, Nashville hands, outer space brain. Castanets is Cathedral (Asthmatic Kitty, 2004) and First Light's Freeze (Asthmatic Kitty, 2005). Castanets is banjo and strings of bells and howling feedback and high plains drifting and horn sections and brother folk-rock riding in a beater Datsun with sister free-jazz. Note: Castanets and Phosphorescent will be playing together as one unit for this performance.

Phosphorescent. Matthew Houck's Phosphorescent recorded two frighteningly brilliant works, 2003's A Hundred Times or More and 2004's The Weight of Flight EP, both released on the WARM label to quiet but lavish praise. While they weren't widely heard, those who that did tune in felt the spark in Houck's cracked voice, wondered at the weird and beautiful poetics, sensed the involuntary smile behind the lyrics, and settled in for the ride. Aw Come Aw Wry (Misra) moved the band's loose, ever-shifting arrangements away from the sparse and melodic and toward the rowdy and unhinged, at times conjuring a free, revival-tent spirit awash in homespun orchestrations and brushed with spiritual and psychedelic undertones. Phosphorescent is entrancing, unruly, cacophonous. Note: Castanets and Phosphorescent will be playing together as one unit for this performance.

Arizona. Arizona is the ka-tet of five close friends who like to drink mezcal and sling songs forth. Each member dresses in a sexy pajama outfit. The band currently wanders in Asheville, North Carolina but still calls New York City home. The music sounds like sweetly sleeping faeries nestled in the dewy grass of a magical land while dark, sharp, drooling creatures lurk nearby. Arizona is a masterless wanderer. Listening to Arizona's richly imaginative music will allow you to hear colors and taste thoughts, to hold moonlight in your hand, and to better know your own heart.

A Northern Chorus. A Northern Chorus is a string-laden band of Canadians whose songs deal in the momentous and beautiful. Reviews regularly use words like “epic” and “ambitious” and they are not lying. ANC has toured the continent several times, and have even crossed the pond for a small tour of the UK. They've steadily gained popularity in North America, and are anxious to do the same overseas. Over the last few records, the band’s sweeping pieces have gained tempo and volume without losing the constant striving for emotionally stirring arrangements.

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