Monday, September 24, 2007


Download: Siberian – “Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls”
Download: Siberian – “Islands Forever”

This is big-time, reach-for-the-stars, anthemic rock and roll. Siberian doesn't do anything small and their songwriting ambition is surprising given the relative youth of the band members. This Seattle band writes crafty big-hearted pop that reminds us of the Bends-era Radiohead (with a decidedly American filter) or maybe the Arcade Fire without the quarter note bass drum all-the-freaking-time. There are twists and turns galore and a lot of subversion of traditional structures without seeming showy about it or anything. And what I really like is that they don't mind "going for it" in a non-ironic way. Siberian is a band that pounds it out without cynicism and full of optimism and enthusiasm, and even though "earnest" is supposedly back, it still seems refreshing when you hear it done right. Siberian comes our way courtesy of Sonic Boom Recordings, who also put out the great Pseudosix EP and Ghost Stories LP this year...a name you can trust!

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