Thursday, December 06, 2007

Black Tie

Download: Black Tie—“Wide Open”

Download: Black Tie—“The Haunting of Francisco De Goya”

A veteran of the Albuquerque scene, Roger Apodaca’s project Black Tie is an orchestrated, moody affair that brings to mind influences as disparate as Mogwai, the Constellation Records crew, Galaxie 500, and Mojave 3. This is patient, passionate music; it’s Americana without being country. We use the term Americana a lot to mean twangy, Ryan Adams-y sounding stuff, but this record is has an Americana to without much of that. It's from a guy who lives in the Southwest, in the expanse of New Mexico, and his music is informed by that. It's ambitious, open, far-reaching, beautiful, and lonely. Did I mention beautiful?

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