Friday, January 25, 2008

The LK

Download: The LK--"Private Life of a Cat"

Download: The LK--"Tandem Bikes"

What to say about Sweden's The LK? They are brilliant musicians and just as lovely human beings. The LK (The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos, and the Sound of K) is the collaboration between Lindefelt, abstract sound artist, and Fredrik, pop visionary and songwriter par excellence. Fusing musique concrete-style collages of sound with iconic pop arrangements, the typical LK song is both gradually mind-invading and comfortingly direct. Recorded with a minimum of equipment, VS. the Snow was built largely by glueing pieces of Lindefelt's abstract sounds, lyrics and voice to Fredrik's simple, beautiful melodies and chords. The Kora Records has really struck gold with this band. Check 'em out post-haste!

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