Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Download: Zillionaire -- "The Gardener"

Download: Zillionaire -- "No Contest"

Zillionaire's upcoming LP, The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down, is coming out on New Granada Records, the Tampa-based home to Candy Bars and Isobella, proving yet again that there's more going on in the Tampa Bay area than Morbid Angel. Not that there's anything wrong with Morbid Angel, mind you. Still, it's nice to hear a variety of sounds associated with a city as opposed to Tampa being exclusively thought of as metal, and DC conjuring up nothing but Dischord, etc. New Granada's stable is impressively diverse, and Zillionaire is indeed a step in a new direction for the label. Their debut, which harkens back to the halcyon indie rock days of Versus and Bedhead, will be out soon.

The group, formed in 2004 by Heath Dupras and Keith Ulrey, was originally envisioned as a guitar-and-drums duo, but the layered, dynamic nature of the material quickly revealed a need to bring others into the fold. With the addition of Michael Waksman (guitar, vocals) and Bryan Bates (bass), the now completed line-up set about making music on their own terms and at their own pace. Zillionaire indeed took their time (a year and a half to be exact). The songs above are a taste of the debut they set out to make.

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