Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Team Clermont "what to use instead of oink" at least at SXSW

... from our friends at team clermont:
That's right, I said it. Team Clermont. 
...Like Soy milk for the New Santa,
we're "what to use instead of Oink".
I got nothin else, except make note 
of the forthcoming
Team Clermont Under The Radar
Official SXSW College Part
coming March 13th to Austin, Texas. 12 noon.
- The only official day party we know of...

Bands include Noah and The Whale,
Shout Out Louds, Rogue Wave,  Akron/Family,
Elf Power, The Helio Sequence, & Fleet Foxes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Miwa Gemini

Download: Miwa Gemini -- "Travelling Man"

Download: Miwa Gemini -- "Pieces"

This Is How I Found You
, the new album by New Yorker Miwa Gemini, takes on the darkest affairs of the heart with a saccharine smile and haunting vocals you won't hear anywhere else. A multi-instrumentalist, Miwa incorporates guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano to drive powerful songs of loss and redemption: Think Nina Simone meets Sparklehorse meets Cat Power, and you're getting close. This Is How I Found You was released in 2007 in Canada on Addictive Records, and is seeing release on March 18, 2008 on Rock Park Records in the United States and Europe.