Thursday, April 03, 2008

Chatting With The Stars: Laura Jordan of the Billionaires!

Laura Jordan is an actress. She is also in the phenomenal getting-drunk-obsessed pop band, The Billionaires. And she talked to me, which is more than most women are doing these days. Ahem. Anyway, I talked with her on the phone about all kinds of stuff for this interview, but I couldn't type fast enough to catch it all, so here is a redacted version in which we discuss the writer's strike, Canadian summer camp, and bird calls.

Did the writers strike affect you?

I went to Paris. Well, first, my manager told me to do this job even if it wasn't the wow project for me. I went to Vancouver and worked on a horror movie.
I came back right during the writers' strike I had an emotional time and took off to Paris for a month. We came back and started rehearsing big-time and booking shows.
I'm pretty laid back about my career--which maybe isn't a good thing. I'm not constantly, actively seeking out my next role and I wait around for good stuff, like indie stuff, and it doesn't always come along. Sometimes I'm waiting in vain, but at least I get to play music with my boys in the meantime.

What do you do live in the band?

Joe and I share keyboard duties and in the middle of "Eighties Movies" we switch out. People seem to like that.

How would describe your live show?

We've worked really hard to get it in shape. We have this really great clean-sounding album that we need to be able to perform. When we wrote these songs, we recorded them as we came up with the ideas, so these weren't the songs we'd been playing for a year. If Joe had a melody, we'd just hit record and do it. Or if we recorded something instrumentally, then someone took a verse or a chorus. What we've recently figured out is how to play these songs. The rest of the guys have been playing in bands for a long time, and I didn't really have the confidence to play the keyboards and sing, but they encouraged me and I'm getting better..

What's it like to be a band in LA?

Hold on, my neighbor's making bird calls to me, and he's 70 and he's really cute. I heard that song and he was poking his head through the bushes and making bird noises.

What do you think about birds?

I love birds. I've been thinking about birds a lot lately. Joe got shit on by a bird yesterday. Do you think that's going to bring him good luck? I think he thinks that. I live in this shack at Silverlake right now, and it's all overgrown, and it's like being in the wilderness and there are hummingbirds everywhere. My adorable older neighbor in his red hat making bird calls. There is a bird house up in a tree here and it's so hard to get to to put seeds in it. When I watch these little hummingbirds, I just want to be them, buzzing around there, not a care in the world.

Are you interested in other animals?

I like snakes. When I would go to summer camp, and the French Canadian girls were always mean to the English Canadian girls, but I wasn't afraid of snakes, so I had an advantage. I would put snakes in their sleeping bags and then sneak out. But pretty soon they started to put it together because I was the only one who would pick up snakes. The feeling of lying in my bunk, pretending to read, to watch them get in their sleeping bags with the snakes was amazing.

How cool is Planet Earth?

My best friend was on the Ellen show and they gave the whole audience the box set of that. Oh my God, I just watched hours and hours and hours of it. That shot of the shark jumping out of the water to grab the's elegant and beautiful, but it's also sad because he's eating it. I've been thinking about stuff like that lately.

Do you guys really like to get drunk as much as every song indicates?

[laughs] Yeah. Yes. Yes, we do.

Download: The Billionaires--"End of Summer Song"

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