Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Favorite Things: Doctors & Dealers!

Today's My Favorite Things come from Sparrow of Doctors & Dealers:

I don't know if I can call a party "a thing" but I do love it. But the parties look different for me now than they did a couple of years ago, then I'd start drinking at a bar, then walk from club to club, and for every new entry I did the music got louder, the drinks got cheaper, the people got younger and when the people looked so young that they could be my own kids I knew that it was time to leave. Leave to the afterparty that is. And then I'd walk home with the sun up and shining, a quick stop to buy a burger or something just as greasy, get home, fall asleep with my shoes on and with the burger in my pocket, wake up 10 hours later, asking myself "what the hell happened?" and then get ready for a new party. Nowadays I can't waste my days like that. I get older and must be more careful with my days. So I start partying early at home with some friends, and we start HARD. It's the whole race - beer, drinks, vodka-shots, wine to fill it up, then some quick shot-races. When it's time to leave for the club I'm so drunk that I can't even find my keys to get out of the apartment, so I crash on the couch, just like before, only now it's only 11pm! So I'll wake up in decent time the day after, I save money from cabs etc and I can wear the same outfit many parties in a row cause no one ever sees it.

I'm a little jeans-crazy, I have more than 50 pair. I don't think I can live without my jeans. As a poor musician I work extra in a jeans-store, and that's like heaven for me. I think the first week I worked there I bought over 20 pair of the same kind of drainpipes jeans, in different colours though. It reached that point that I bought so much jeans that I almost had to pay to get to work instead of getting paid, then I had to slow dowm my endless shopping spree.

My little studio
When I started doing music I had nothing. No guitar, no piano, not even a simple keyboard. Cause I didn't know how to play any of it so what would be the point? I did have a bass, I had got it from an old boyfriend, but, as been said, I had no idea how to play it! But a friend of mine had a computer and a cheap synth, so thanks to him I could get started. But it sucks to rely on other people's stuff, so I bought a proper studio-computer, a book about how to set up your own studio, books about how to play all these damn instruments, some guitars (which I still don't know how to play properly so I leave that to other people), a fancy mic, all the percussions in the world, a little piano and so on and suddenly I had created heaven on earth! I can sit in my lil' studio for hours, it's like nothing exists outside of it. When/if I get more money I want to build different rooms for drums and vocals but this will do for now.

Energy drinks
Ok, it's not a secret that I have an addictive personality, and it's been both a struggle and a blessing. Some of my addictions I'll swap for something else (hopefully something healthier..) but there is something that I probaly never will quit - my energydrinks. I should be the spokesperson for Red Bull or something, cause I live on that shit. I can panic if I know that I don't have a single Red Bull at home, so I try to plan my purchases in advance so I never have to deal with one of the most horrible problem on earth - no Red Bull just when I wake up!! Oh sweet lord of mercy, just the thought of it... Ugh.

Well, I guess this is not "a thing" either, but what would I be without it?! Just a wet blanket I guess... Everyone is getting a little bit prettier, a little bit smarter, a little bit nicer and the days are getting a little bit lighter, a little bit longer, a little bit warmer. And life is getting a little bit better, a little bit more human, a little bit more reasonable. And the future gets brighter than ever.

Download: Doctors & Dealers--"Snow Child" MP3

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Rob said...

I think she's adorable!! Pretty and talented, all in one!