Friday, June 27, 2008

Taylor Hollingsworth

Download: Taylor Hollingsworth -- "Damn Boy What's Wrong With You?"

Download: Taylor Hollingsworth -- "Shout It Out"

Download: Taylor Hollingsworth -- "Hard Headed Woman"

A sideman for Maria Taylor and Conor Oberst (he played guitar on Oberst's forthcoming Merge solo debut), Taylor recalls a Johnny Thunders-styled throwback or a Flat Duo Jets-esque shredder. Armed with an arsenal of guitar slinging and grisly, thought-provoking songwriting, this boy-faced wonder echoes the gritty gist of some of the South’s greatest musical traditions. It's a gritty, raw garage record that kills from start to finish.

Monotonix @ Go Bar

Monotonix at Go Bar last night (6/26/08)

Messy business.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weeks

Download: The Weeks -- "Buttons"

Download: The Weeks -- "Altar Girl"

The Weeks' debut album taps into Southern roots (and their parents' vinyl collection) for influences. Raised on a Deep Southern diet of the Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers, the Weeks proudly hail from the rich musical heritage of their home state, a pride that burns proudly through the taut rhythm section and soaring leads of "Mississippi Rain". Sonically akin to Southern neighbors the Kings of Leon and friends Colour Revolt, the Weeks are roaring out of the garage, and are ready to take the stage as a Southern juggernaut to be reckoned with.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Download: Earlimart -- "Song For"

We are so pleased to bring you a new track from one of our favorite bands around here at Team Clermont: Earlimart. "Song For" is the first song off the duo's stunning new album, Hymn and Her. It's a driving melancholy pop song that manages to be both economical in arrangement and still lush, with pounding piano bass, serpentine cello, and insistent drums, all bolstered by terrific vocal performances. The whole record is fantastic, another achievement in the evolution and maturation of this thoughtful pop band.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download: The Boy Bathing -- "The Beaches Meet The Sea"

Download: The Boy Bathing -- "A Fire"

Sometimes other people say stuff better than I can, so let's let them do the talking: Amplifier says of The Boy Bathing: “…lyrics may be The Boy Bathing's strongest suit. Whether whispered, cooed or snarled, Hurwitz's words delight with their disarming blend of unpredictability, insight and jubilant resignation. If The Boy Bathing's full-length debut is at times grandiose, it's the most self-effacing grandiosity you're likely to encounter this side of Sufjan Stevens.”

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jon Sonnenberg

Download: Jon Sonnenberg -- "DOA"

Download: Jon Sonnenberg -- "The Door With 5000 Locks"

For more than a decade, Jon Sonnenberg (member of Travelogue and more) has charmed listeners with his ability to blend intricate sounds and textures with pleasant melodies. Whether creating sounds electronically, electrically, or acoustically, the layers and quality of Sonnenberg's work enables one's imagination to see beyond the confines of commercial music. His new album, Acoustic Selections, features reconfigured and rerecorded versions of his previous electronic "greatest hits." Some of the 27 instruments that Sonnenberg plays on his album he made himself. Check out these cool YouTube videos where Jon explains the process.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Versus The Shark

Download: We Versus the Shark -- "Mr. Ego Death"

Download: We Versus the Shark -- "Hello Blood"

Recorded nearly live in two days, Dirty Versions is where We Versus the Shark ups the ante, bringing you the full force of the Shark's live show. Drawing from the likes of Mclusky and The Melvins for inspiration, Dirty Versions is a compact, immediate record that builds on the quartet’s post-Dischord sonic template. It's powerful, raw, dynamic, and more than a little weird, taking unexplained and irrational turns that always work. Dirty Versions was recorded in Athens by friend of The Shark Joel Hatstat (ex-Cinemechanica, Pegasuses-XL).

Monday, June 02, 2008

William F. Gibbs

Download: William F. Gibbs -- "Operate"

Download: William F. Gibbs -- "Darling, You Were Beautiful Once"
My Fellow Sophisticates is a haunting medley that's immediately immersive, whether it's "Brother John", the song of a devout priest whose only secret is disbelief, "Tomorrow Never Comes", an intelligent look at a culture willing to trade their souls for fame, or the dream-inspired "Oh Pollyana". Call it Americana, call it Alternative Folk or Rock and Roll. Ultimately, labels don't matter. William F. Gibbs writes music that reflects his memory, his imagination, his artistry. It as scattered, sprawling, and diverse as the Southern landscapes he calls home.