Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download: The Boy Bathing -- "The Beaches Meet The Sea" http://teamclermont.com/mp3/theboybathing_thebeachesmeetthesea.mp3

Download: The Boy Bathing -- "A Fire" http://www.teamclermont.com/mp3/theboybathing_afire.mp3

Sometimes other people say stuff better than I can, so let's let them do the talking: Amplifier says of The Boy Bathing: “…lyrics may be The Boy Bathing's strongest suit. Whether whispered, cooed or snarled, Hurwitz's words delight with their disarming blend of unpredictability, insight and jubilant resignation. If The Boy Bathing's full-length debut is at times grandiose, it's the most self-effacing grandiosity you're likely to encounter this side of Sufjan Stevens.”

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