Monday, July 14, 2008

Team Clermont Summer Camp! July 31-Aug 2nd!

Team Clermont, the Athens, GA-based PR firm, has announced the dates and lineup of its newest Summer Festival: Team Clermont Summer Camp! Summer Camp will be held from July 31-August 2nd around Athens, Georgia. This year’s event marks the 11th year of the company’s operation and features some of Team Clermont’s favorite musical acts as well as showcasing the various talents of TC Summer Campers through arts, crafts, karaoke, kickball, Four Square, Corn Hole, dancing, drinking, and more. Team Clermont Summer Camp offers an opportunity to tour the finer clubs and sights of beautiful, bucolic Athens, Georgia, where Team Clermont makes its home. And it all culminates in a night of sing-alongs featuring members of Elf Power, of Montreal, Elf Power, We Versus the Shark, Cinemechanica, Casper & the Cookies, Dark Meat, and more covering ESG, Mclusky, and Paul Mccartney and Wings songs! That's quite a diverse lineup of favorites. Add to that performances by So Many Dynamos, Megafaun, Mostly Bears, Benji Hughes, and more, and you're gonna want your parents to drop you off here right away!

Come to the camp where it's towel poppin' and panty raids 24 hours a day: Team Clermont Summer Camp!

Check out the Team Clermont Summer Camp Muxtape!


Thursday - 07/31
"Camp Orientation” at Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA

So Many Dynamos
Mostly Bears
Benji Hughes
(18+ , 256 W Clayton St)

Friday - 08/01
Music Director Scavenger Hunt - 12PM-2PM

“Talent Night” at Little Kings featuring...
Dance Party with DJs Cookies & Cream
Arts & Crafts
Four Square and Corn Hole tournaments
Face Painting Station

Saturday - 08/02
Koalas vs. Walruses Kickball Showdown - 10AM-2PM
(All ages, East Athens Community Park, 705 Sunset Drive)
w/ musical performance by Graham MacRae

"Campfire Sing-Along" concert at The 40 Watt Club
(18+ , 10PM - 285 W Washington St)

Tiny Sticks (ESG cover band featuring Josh McKay of Macha/Seaworthy, Bryan Poole, Heather Heyn formerly of Dark Meat, Aaron Wegelin formerly of Elf Power)

Hi Hi Hi (covering Paul McCartney & Wings, featuring Bryan Poole from of Montreal/Dark Meat/Elf Power/the Late BP Helium and Jason Nesmith of Casper & the Cookies)

F*ck This Band (Mclusky cover band featuring Jeff Tobias of We Versus The Shark, Dark Meat and Pegasuses-XL, Scott Smith of We Versus The Shark, Andy Pruett of Cinemechanica, and Brion Kennedy)

Meet the artists

St. Louis' So Many Dynamos recently finished recording their third album with Death Cab for Cutie member and big-time engineer Chris Walla. Known for their danceable post-punk and incendiary live shows, these touring machines always bring a good time with them. "Dudes looked ordinary and innocuous enough setting up, but once the lights went out, the St. Louis-based fourpiece let out the electricity in fits and jolts-- jittery, stop-start guitars, clipped shouts, hairpin rhythmic turns-- like so many, er, energy-producing machines." (Pitchfork Media)

Arizona's Mostly Bears are college radio darlings on the rise, spinning big-time anthems in the Arcade Fire or Radiohead vein, though those comparisons are a little too easy given the band's unique ability to weave its myriad influences into something unique. “Full of verve and with chops to burn” ( and “Adventurous and never boring” (PopMatters).

From Stereogum: "On their debut Bury The Square, Raleigh-via-Eau Clair trio Megafaun neatly splice together different strands of sounds, whether it's tape manipulated hoedowns, mournful, slow-blooming banjo-and-white-noise-laced epics, or the rural barbershop doo wop of "Find Your Mark." Focusing on a wide palette of instrumentation, but always coming back to their soaring three-part harmonies, it's easy to see why Akron/Family contacted them out of the blue and asked them to support them on a six-week tour: Megafaun opens, then joins Akron plus excellent sound manipulator Greg Davis on-stage as a supergroup of sorts. When they're on their own as Megafaun, the group consists of brother Brad and Phil Cook, along with Joe Westerlund. All three played in DeYarmond Edison with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and Brad co-owns Burlytime Records, the label that put out Bowerbirds and Horseback last year."

Hidden behind flowing rusty hair and Shakespearean beard is Benji Hughes, a complex, and often funny, dreamer with a harmonious voice. The singer songwriter from North Carolina subtly infuses his music with flavors and colors, evoking the numerous feelings that love brings. From happiness to misery, Benji describes relationships with friends, women and life in general. New West Records will release Benji’s debut, 25 song, two album set, A Love Extreme on July 22nd.

Graham MacRae's debut record was released earlier this year to ecstatic reviews, like this one from Americana UK: "There is no denying that in his deft finger-picking style Californian Macrae has listened to huge amounts of John Fahey records and shares that visionary’s approach to song writing and resulting aural unease. It clearly has done the Eagle Rock native no harm at all as this self-titled debut album is a corker and a record that, like Fahey, rewards repeated listening. Production is sharp and measured and choice of material throughout is of the highest order. Lyrically Macrae has an edge, a certain weirdness and ‘out there’ perception that is both charming and easy on the senses – more a sixties sensitivity as opposed to seventies whimsy."

Previous Team Clermont Summer Festival performers have included Danger Mouse, Deerhunter, Bobby Conn, Calvin Johnson, Castanets, Phosphorescent, Summer Hymns, The Wrens, of Montreal, The Mountain Goats, Man Man, Dark Meat, Elf Power, John Vanderslice, Liz Durrett, De Novo Dahl, The Polyphonic Spree, Trans Am, John Roderick of the Long Winters, Songs: Ohia, Man…or Astroman?, Cinemechanica, Enon, Eleni Mandell, Pattern is Movement, Radar Bros., the Rosebuds, and many, many more.

Hotel /Travel Information

Days Inn: Athens - Located on Finley Street. Walkable to downtown and has a pool.
Best Western Athens - Located on Miledge Avenue and Broad Street. Walkable to downtown and has a pool.
Holiday Inn Express - Located on Broad Street in downtown Athens.

Travel from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport to Athens:
- AAA Airport Express - Shuttle between the Atlanta airport to the Holiday Inn in downtown Athens. Check website for schedule and reservations.
- Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport transportation listings can be found HERE.
- If we really like you and there are 2-3 people in your group, a Team Clermont employee might be able to pick you up. Probably not though.

Driving directions from...

North: I-85 South, take Exit 149 for US-441/GA-15 toward Homer/Commerce/Banks Crossing. Turn LEFT at US-441/GA-15. Go straight for about 22 miles. US-441 turns into Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy. Turn RIGHT at North Avenue. Turn LEFT at Hull Street. Turn RIGHT onto Washington Street. The 40 Watt is on the corner of Washington and Pulaski Streets.

West: I-20 East toward Atlanta. Take exit 75 to merge onto I-75/I-85 North toward Chattanooga/Greenville. Travel on I-85 North for about 26 miles. Take a slight right onto GA-316 East/Athens/Lawrenceville. Continue traveling straight on GA-316, which eventually turns into Broad Street. Turn LEFT onto Pulaski Street. The 40 Watt is on the corner of Washington and Pulaski Streets.

East: If traveling from Northeast, take I-85 route as listed above in the North directions. If traveling from the Southeast, have fun with that.

South: No Floridians allowed. However if you are traveling from New Orleans or somewhere around there, take I-65 North towards Montgomery. Take Exit 171 and merge onto I-85 North towards Atlanta. Take a slight right onto GA-316 East/Athens/Lawrenceville. Continue traveling straight on GA-316, which eventually turns into Broad Street. Turn LEFT onto Pulaski Street. The 40 Watt is on the corner of Washington and Pulaski Streets.

Otherwise, we suggest using a lovely service called Google Maps.

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