Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goldcure's "Portuguese Prince" Streets Today!

Goldcure, a rising band in the Austin music scene, known for their polished, soaring anthems and captivating emotional rock, release its debut LP, Portuguese Prince, today on Sorin Records! Comprised of members Adam Buhrman, Craig Haskell, Gavin Inverso and John Allison, the band delivers a unique and original sound, while displaying a reverence for inspirations ranging from Wilco, Travis, and the Verve, and at times tapping into the earnestness of bands like U2 and the Beach Boys, however different those two might be.

Download: Goldcure -- "Make It Stop"
Download: Goldcure -- "Too Long"

"Guitars with the beatific shimmer of newer Echo & the Bunnymen, but dusted with a slight twang, mixed with jerky vocals reminiscent of a medicated David Byrne (or a less-husky Britt Daniel)." -- Riverfront Times

"...uplifting brand of alternative pop/rock takes influence from the Verve, U2, and the accessible side of Radiohead." -- All Music Guide

Read their exclusive interview with Scatter O 'Light here!

PS - The Jonas Brothers suck a fat one. I would rather slide down a banister of razor blades into a pool of alcohol than listen to those talentless pansies. That is all.

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