Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don Chambers

DOWNLOAD: Don Chambers + Goat -- "Highwater" (Feat. Patterson Hood)

Athens has a lot to brag about this fall, what with new releases by Dead Confederate, Liz Durrett, Ruby Isle, Dancer Vs. Politician and more. But the one that I would like to brag about today is the new Don Chambers + Goat album, Zebulon, out on WARM Electronic Recordings as of yesterday.

The actual recording process started in Berlin and then moved to Athens, where Patterson Hood of The Drive-By Truckers took the production over, and that kinship will continue as Don Chambers + Goat will head out on the road with The Drive-By Truckers, playing their first show together on 9/15 in Tuscaloosa. The tour will kick off this Friday at the Georgia Theater, right here in Athens.

Sep 12 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA
Sep 13 - Sky City - Augusta, GA
Sep 15 - BAMA Theatre - w/Drive-By Truckers - Tuscaloosa, AL
Sep 16 - The Bohemian - Greenville, SC
Sep 17 - Headliners - w/Drive-By Truckers - Columbia, SC
Sep 18 - Amos South - w/Drive-By Truckers - Charlotte, NC
Sep 19 - Norva - w/Drive-By Truckers - Norfolk, VA
Sep 27 - The Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
Sep 29 - Varsity - w/Drive-By Truckers - Baton Rouge, LA
Sep 30 - Bottling Co. - w/Drive-By Truckers - Hattiesburg, MS
Oct 01 - The Lyric - w/Drive-By Truckers - Oxford, MS
Oct 02 - Mellow Mushroom - Tuscaloosa, AL
Oct 04 - The Rocket - Asheville, NC
Nov 15 - Zydeco - w/The Dexateens - Birmingham, AL

I am no real music critic, but the fine folks at Americana UK posted this lovely review Zebulon:

"If I asked you to name the most intense Americana acts, I’m fairly sure I’d hear mention of Johnny Dowd and 16 Horsepower - there’s usually an element of the Gothic about these performers, Southern Gothic that is, not kohl-eyed town centre mis-fits. Now add Don Chambers and Goat (a band rather than the close relative of the sheep) to the list. This is most definitely a Southern sound."

Read the rest of the review here.

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