Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Team Clermont Artists of the Week: Michael Knight & Soda Fountain Rag of Yesboyicecream Records

Michael Knight is the musical universe of Irish pop contrarian Richard Murphy. I’m Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed but commercially ignored 2006 limited release debut Youth Is Wasted On The Young and continues his ongoing musical argument that Bach and Bacharach can make compelling bedfellows. A wryly-observed musical curio for the 21st Century, his latest LP, I’m Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This, is the only record you will hear this year that considers the 18th and 19th Centuries as valid as the 80s and 90s as sources for musical inspiration, with Mussorgsky & Beethoven alongside Magnetic Fields & The Monochrome Set.

Download: Michael Knight -- "Coronation Street"
Download: Michael Knight -- "When Will You Collect Your Boxes?"

Don't think 'twee', don't think 'emo' and never ever think 'tweemo'. Soda Fountain Rag is the true spirit of indiepop - uplifting, joyous music and sublimely subversive lyrics.

Soda Fountain Rag is 25 year-old subversive genius Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl, a one-woman indie-pop phenomenon from Bergen in Norway. In 2007, Soda Fountain Rag released a number of sold-out DIY EPs in the US (Cloudberry Records) and Europe, introducing her unique take on 21st century pop. An anti-folk Nico fronting a garage Belle and Sebastian / YMCK hybrid, she established herself as the most compelling indie-pop heroine out there. As anyone who knows anything will know, this is the girl considered the most likely to get revenge in 2008. Her latest LP, It’s Rag Time, is releasing this Fall!

Download: Soda Fountain Rag -- "Angry Girl"
Download: Soda Fountain Rag -- " Don't Kill The Clowns"

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