Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beaten By Them

Download: Beaten By Them -- "The Asiatic Capital Vista"

Multinational band, Beaten By Them will release their latest album, Signs Of Life, this November 11th on Logic Pole via Thrill Jockey. When Andrew Harris and Max McCormick decided to move from San Francisco back to their home country of Australia at the end of 2006, it seemed they were sounding the death knell for Beaten by Them, the fledgling band they had spawned just a year earlier. But before long the two guitarists were hatching plans to perform with their old band mates: cellist Boima Tucker, drummer Ulf Bjorkbom and bassist Lee Matheson. By mid-2007 Beaten by Them were on the road, making their first tour of the US West Coast. The dynamic, cinematic songs of, Signs of Life, represent the fruits of the band's labors.

Stream Signs of Life at Thrill Jockey